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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Make-Your-Own Recipe links

I've been finding lots of websites that offer make-your-own recipes, like the Ranch Packets, Onion Soup Mix, ect. So I thought I'd make it easier on everyone, well, whoever sees my blog, and put them all onto one page. Some of these I've just browsed threw, others I haven't had time to look at yet, but if they're not what they say, they'll be removed.

**Mixes in a Jar, 250 recipes

**Fake it Frugal   <----you'll have to look around at this site, there's myo recipes everywhere

Once a Month Mom  <----I've made a few of their recipes, the myo are new to me though. There's a "new to me" post on their site for homemade pop tarts....well worth a browse!

One Good Thing

The Galley Gourmet  <----she's got a handful or so of myo recipes, mostly breads, but still, myo

**My Baking Addiction <----my go-to site for baking recipes. She does ALOT from scratch, & does have a bunch of MYO recipes that are wonderful

One Orange Giraffe     I only saw this one particular recipe for cream of something soup, but, I plan on looking for more on it when I have more time

Chef Tess, Bakerese, I plan on going threw these meals in a jar, it seems they're all dehydrated foods, and you add liquid ingredients when ready to cook. May do some once I get another dehydrator, but...we'll see!

**Budget 101, I've used their site for many things in the past, very good place to go

Self Reliance sounds like a good site, haven't looked at it thoroughly yet, but plan to!

Cheap, Healthy, Good   <-----Well! I'm not the only one with this idea! Only, she's posted all the links to recipes she's actually made! The sites I'm posting, yes, I've tried some, but not all...will update as I do try them though

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