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Monday, April 21, 2014

Back in action!

I know, I've been mia got the best of me in more ways then one.....
   However, garden season is starting, & I'm getting into the swing of canning season as well. I've made a batch of apple jelly already....of course, used a no-pectin recipe, shouldn't have but did....had to recook it by adding pectin, it finally set beautifully!
  I also pressure canned some potatoes for the first time! I did one batch of 4 quarts of sliced potatoes, and the 2nd batch was 10 pints, 6 sliced, 4 diced......5 out of 10 lost water, but that's because I goofed, & pulled the weight off too early! No-no......but, since they sealed are still good, it just means they'll be used first so they don't brown quicker! I've got some nice mentors online that have been walking me threw :) My next step will be making an actual meal to can, for later use! (Or to be added to one of my summer menus)!

Here are my potatoes! I haven't taken a shot yet of my apple jelly....but there's more to come! I follow Ball's  & the NCHFP recipes, or if I find or receive one from a friend, I make sure their directions co-inside with /NCHFPBall's on the ingredients before I attempt it.