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Ok, I knew I could do this! This page is dedicated to the blogs & websites where I get my recipes from. Because some of the sites I use are old, & haven't been updated in over a year, I'm not able to seek permission, so I'm setting this page up to dedicate a Thank You for having your blog to these folks! So far, all the recipes I've gotten online were a hit! (I actually got a "this is too sweet" from my 10y/o nephew on the Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls I'll be posting the link to later on). (Now all Blogspot needs to do is have its users be able to upload pictures directly from their Driods or smartphones instead of having to use a computer! Just sayin'!)

Most of these recipes are from RSS feeds, so it'll take me some time to get all the links up here, the newer pages that I've gotten recipes from are very popular sites, and as I've said, some are older sites so here goes!

My next one I'm going to make is the German Chocolate cake Brownies is from this link by Family Fun Mom (this one you'll have to copy the link, as it won't let me make it one...)

Here is the Pumpkin Angelfood Cake recipe from Love from the Oven's site:

The Novice Chef is another link I've gotten recipes from, however, I can't remember which ones off hand, but here's their link:

 Then there's Savvy Little Women, who's got great ideas, tips & recipes, too:

 Once UponA Chef is another good site I venture to, also:

I'll be adding more later on!