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Friday, August 2, 2013

Life....and baking (& cooking).....

Well, I know I haven't posted much at all in the past, oooo, year? But, life got away from me, and I lost all internet access. Its kind of hard to upload pics at the fact, impossible I think.
   But, now, we were given a desktop for our anniversary this year, & I  was able to get the internet hooked up. One problem, I won't be able to upload pics until next month, when I splurge on a digital camera! The following month I maybe getting a tablet, so I can take pics & upload instantly, instead of using the desktop.....we'll see.
  However, I'll be adding some recipes soon of things I HAVE made over the past year, as I find them. I'm now able to start saving my recipes online, so I don't have to loose papers, or have them ripped (which is why I want a tablet, so I can access them from the new site I found, Live Documents, just do a Google search, its similar to Microsoft Word, but browser based; I plan on transferring most, if not all recipes to it). so for those who used to follow me, if you still do, keep your eyes open for the recipes! I'm sorry pics aren't included yet, but hopefully they will be soon.
  Life is becoming more stressful as of late, so I'll probably be baking more and more......but, I do have another Salsa garden in (tomatoes & peppers), so I'll be adding a couple salsa recipes I've made. I won't be sharing my personal one, but I'll put up the Ball version. I follow that one, but tweak it to whatever heat degree I want.

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